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Advantage of own software

We got memory card MicroSD 128 GB with partly damaged file system exFAT. It's needed to recover some photos (jpg, arw) and videos (mp4) from a memory card.

1. Firstly, we make a copy

2. Secondly, we defined the level of damage of file system:

  • No VBR (Volume Boot Record) but VBR copy isn’t damaged
  • FAT isn’t damaged
  • Folders is slightly damaged

3. We recovered files and identified the types of files using FAT-table, cluster size (256 sectors), LBA of second cluster from VBR and developed software

4. The order is executed but we decided to test own software. What if we didn’t have FAT table? What percent of fragmented files could be recovered with RAW Universal?

5. Using auxiliary developed software the degree of fragmentation of files was defined with FAT table. More than 12% of files were fragmented

RAW Universal 1

6. With FAT-table it was defined:

Number of fragmented JPG files is 282

number of fragments number of JPG files
9 1
8 1
7 3
6 7
5 8
4 14
3 36
2 212
1 2549

Total number of JPG files is 2831

The number of fragmented JPG files is 282 (10%)

7. The RAW Universal (version 2.24.7) software is run on the image. We set  the cluster size 131072 byte and used recursive mode. As a result, the software has recovered 106 fragmented and readable JPG files. That’s more than 37%.

RAW Universal 2